Irlen© Services Northwest conducts screenings at our Renton, WA office. If you are unable to travel to us, we can also come to you! Please contact Terry Carlson by phone or e-mail to set an appointment.

However, for many reasons such as distance or scheduling conflicts, we are always happy to refer you to Certified Irlen© Screener in your area. Our main goal is to help you or your loved one find relief! Please contact Terry Carlson by phone or e-mail and she will connect you with a screener.

You can also check the main Irlen website for a list of Certified Irlen© Testing Centers all over the world!



Interested in becoming a Certified Irlen© Screener? Great! Please contact Terry Carlson for information on upcoming training opportunities at our Renton office or near your city!

While Terry can answer any questions you may have about training to become an Irlen© Certified Screener, we highly recommend visiting the main Irlen© website first to become familiar with the process. On the main Irlen©website, the tab "For Professionals" has information on training, qualifications, upcoming workshops, conferences and more!


Irlen© Services Northwest is proud to train new screeners individually, or as a group! After successful completion of their training, we will feature those individuals here.

Terence Carlson
Trained September 27 - 28, 2018

"After losing my twin brother to cancer in July 2018, I was moved to find a way to help those struggling to navigate their lives. Training to become an Irlen© screener was a small step to make a big difference. I look forward to helping you!"

Connie Hanson
Trained September 27-28, 2018

Originally from Northern Michigan, Connie Hanson has worked as a Montessori preschool Director both in Asia and the U.S. over the past 20 years. She holds a BA and MEd in Early Childhood Education and is Montessori certified for 3-6 years.

Connie became a screener for Irlen Syndrome after a family member was diagnosed with Irlen. After seeing the benefits of the colored overlays and lenses first hand, she decided to help others who might have the same issue. She is also a champion for literacy who volunteers to collect funds and books for underfunded libraries and in reading programs with her Golden Retriever, Harper.

Connie also enjoys hiking with her dogs, cooking, writing and traveling with her husband and their two grown daughters.